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Discover innovative construction solutions with iChemEG! From cutting-edge chemicals to precision-engineered compression seals, we redefine excellence in construction, ensuring durability, resilience, and aesthetic integration.

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Join us in embracing sustainable practices! Our eco-friendly admixtures and joint sealants contribute to environmentally responsible building without compromising performance.

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iChemEG, a visionary in construction, consistently pushes boundaries, sets benchmarks, and introduces cutting-edge chemicals. Our journey is dedicated to exceeding industry standards and shaping the future of construction.

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About iChemEG

Pioneering Excellence in Construction Solutions

Welcome to iChemEG, a pioneering force in the construction industry, dedicated to redefining standards of excellence through innovation, expertise, and unwavering commitment. Established in 2019 in Cairo, Egypt, iChemEG has swiftly emerged as a distinguished provider of construction solutions, renowned for its cutting-edge products designed to elevate projects to unprecedented levels of success.

Company Profile

At iChemEG, we conduct business guided by core values that prioritize experience, integrity, and diligence. As manufacturers, we ensure that only the finest products are dispatched to your projects. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our rigorous testing and continuous innovation, guaranteeing that we deliver optimal solutions tailored to your needs.

Innovative Construction Chemicals Solutions:

Elevate your projects with our avant-garde construction chemical solutions. From state-of-the-art admixtures to expertly formulated joint sealants, our portfolio exceeds industry standards, ensuring unparalleled durability, resilience, and longevity for your structures.

Aesthetic and Functional Integration:

Discover the seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality with our floor, wall, and ceiling expansion joint covers. Meticulously crafted, these solutions not only provide essential structural stability but also enhance the visual appeal of your spaces, integrating flawlessly into your architectural designs.

Precision-Engineered Compression Seals:

Experience the significance of our precision-engineered compression seals, meticulously crafted to shield structures against environmental factors. With unmatched performance and longevity, our seals preserve the structural integrity of your projects in varying conditions.

Sustainable Practices:

Join us in embracing sustainable construction practices with our eco-friendly admixtures and joint sealants. Committed to environmentally responsible building initiatives, iChemEG aligns with green projects without compromising performance.

Our Journey – Shaping the Future of Construction:

Driven by a vision to exceed construction standards, iChemEG has consistently pushed boundaries, set industry benchmarks, and introduced cutting-edge construction chemicals. Our journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation, shaping the future of construction.

Meet the iChemEG Team – Your Trusted Partners in Construction:

Behind our success lies a team of dedicated professionals united by a passion for innovation and a commitment to exceptional results. Meet the skilled minds at iChemEG, a diverse team of experts with extensive experience in construction chemistry, engineering, and project management.

Company Accolades and Capabilities:

iChemEG is classified as a Class A contractor, boasting a strong reputation and a growing business in Egypt. Our ability to undertake multidisciplinary projects of scale and complexity underscores our proven capability to deliver quality products and services with speed and cost-effectiveness.

At iChemEG, we’re not just obsessed with excellence—we’re obsessed with delivering it in every aspect of our business. Join us on our journey as we continue to innovate and shape the future of construction together.

Dive into the story of iChemEG – where construction meets innovation!

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Expansion Joint Floor Systems

Expansion Joint Floor Systems DescriptionThe i330® System is a recessed mount floor expansion joint system. It can coordinate with your desired flooring finish. The joints play a vital role in maintaining the safety and durability of floors under the influence of various environmental factors. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about expansion joints in floors and how...

Expansion Joints in Flooring

Expansion Joints in Flooring In the realm of construction and interior design, floors are among the most crucial structural elements that impact a building's stability and quality. Among the factors that must be carefully considered are expansion joints, which play a vital role in the health of the floor and preserving its aesthetic appeal. In this article, we will explore the importance of...

Water stop dimensions – How to use the water stop

Water stop dimensions - How to use the water stop Water Stop, also known as leakage preventer, is a roll of rubber or plastic (metallic types are also available) with a width ranging from twenty to thirty centimeters, and a roll length of approximately thirty meters. Its purpose is to prevent leaks at the joint or expansion joint during pouring. Water Stop dimensions: Roll length: 30 meters...

Importance of Expansion Joints in maintaining the stability of building

Importance of Expansion Joints in maintaining the stability of building When building or designing buildings, understanding the importance of extensions becomes necessary to ensure the long-term stability and resilience of the building. These break-ups play a vital role in maintaining structural Balance and preventing fractures and damage caused by natural and environmental changes. Importance...

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